Diverting to an airport

Hi! When told to divert, what is the best and most efficient way to divert without getting reported?

I would add a new airport to your plan and request flight following. That way the controller knows you will divert


When under ATC control:

  1. Amend flight plan to diversion airport

  2. Request flight following to that airport

You will receive a frequency change and proceed to divert like you would be flying to an uncontrolled airport.

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Can that be done quickly on a tower frequency?

Request departure to the direction you are traveling.

Yes it can, you don’t have to make a full blown flight plan yet. Just let them see you will divert

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Right understood, sometimes I’m flying VFR so what’s the best way then?

Firstly, request a frequency change once told to divert (if you didn’t receive one). Find a suitable airport for your aircraft. Change that to your flight plan. You should be good to go! Try not to interfere with aircraft around you.

Right thank you

Right thanks! Just wondering as I was asked to divert earlier this week! Appreciate the help both @Sashaz55 @Drummer @Thunderbolt


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