Diverting Aircraft

These storms and diversions have got me thinking about a new ATC ability. If an aircraft is ~150-200nm inbound to an airport-and there is severe turbulence or just dangerous weather conditions, I think it would be helpful for Approach or Center frequencies to help navigate aircraft to a different airport. This would probably only work best after global flight because there will be more airports to divert to. Although I don’t think many people would really want to divert to a different airport anyway…Opinions! :)


I like the idea, but I think we’d have to wait for dynamic weather to be added.


I always have good ideas, but they always have problems lol

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I think it could still be done without having live weather yet. The ATC would need to have a very good understanding of the METAR, and make a decision on whether to divert aircraft based on the current conditions. Good idea!


Which advanced atc should do

Good idea, but consider this problem. ATC requirement is very high, and there are not many takers, they have their “little club atop the ivory tower” and it’s their ball which others aren’t allowed to play with. This leads to very few ATC and sparse coverage across the already limited regions.

So times (x) airport number we have now by say 1000, where are the other ATC going to come from to cover approach and centre? People who are already clearly good enough for ATC have decided to skip the regulation and got to VOIP services to provide ATC further dispersing ATC coverage. So basically you may be flying to an airport in Siberia that is currently under 9 feet of snow and in the middle of a 0 visibility blizzard, but you’re still going to land it there as there is no ATC nor even a pathetic auto generated ATIS or NOTAM saying “Airport Closed”


Good idea!

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This would be so fun to divert to another airport.


That idea would great realism in Infinite Flight. 👍🏼 With u.

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The controller can say airport full.

I occassionally turn back to my origin / divert because I either have less time than I first expected / I want to simulate an emergency / simply can’t land a Dash 8 in 25KT31G.

It’s fun.
So yes, I’d definitely welcome this feature.