"Divert to ___" tower message

I would appreciate if there was a message you could send from tower to tell a pilot to divert to a nearby airport. Whenever I’m controlling at London City airport, I always get heavies calling inbound. I know there are “aircraft too large/heavy” messages, and I send those, it usually does the trick, but today there was a poor A380 pilot who just wouldn’t take no for an answer, kept saying “I’m sorry” and calling inbound, over and over. Would have been nice if I could just tell them “Divert to Heathrow”.

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In VATSIM, many pilots enjoy trying tiny airport by heavy jets and worse weather attracts more pilots. In flight sim it happens often.
I think they just want some challenges and since they don’t kill anyone, why not let them have fun? ^^

This feature would be great if an airport is too full and tower needs to divert traffic to other airport.

Because it gives them a violation and London city Airport is way too small an for a380.

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That would suck if he ran out of fuel and/or the runway was to short

I know this topic has five years, but i really like the idea

I remember this request from the other day. Think it is right.

Controllers cannot give specific airports as per this request

Oh, I didn’t know that was the request, I’m sorry.