Diversions with ATC

Hi Community,
I am currently about 200NM from RKSI where the visibility is shockingly low. I would still like to try and land here but if I get to my third or fourth go around I think it would be a good idea to divert. Now, if this was to happen, what do I say to approach? Do I simply request vectors somewhere else

Also, where would you recommend I divert to?


I had the same issue but I had with low fuel. Just request radar vectors for the other airport

Do not request ILS to an airport they’re not covering.

RV or FF only.


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Thats a good question, What flight are you doing (Airline / Flight )? Usually they wil divert to the nearest available airport that the airline serves :)

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Unfortunately, where I had come off the app to do this on the forum, IF has disconnected from the server. It doesn’t seem to want to reconnect and I get impatient waiting :) thanks anyway.

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I recommend to request flight following to your alternate airport.

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