Dive or Stall?

Is a dive safer than a stall? Or is a stall safer than a dive?


Neither of them. Just both of them are unsafe.


When a casual conversation at SVA leaks over to IFC 👀

I’d say a dive is safer since if an aircraft stalls, the aircraft will ultimately have to dive of some sort to recover and gain enough airspeed.


A controlled dive is always better than an uncontrolled stall.


This is a very vague question.

It all depends if you can recover from it. Both are very risky so I wouldn’t suggest doing neither. There are a lot of factors that contribute to it but in the end but I don’t think one is safer than the other.

A dive at 20 feet is way more dangerous than a stall at 20000 feet.

I think you need to add more detail.

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Definitely way too vague a question.

I mean, this guy suggests practicing stalls…as in you need to be prepared to recover from them, but that, too, is a controlled experiment of sorts.

It doesn’t mean either is safe at extremely low altitudes, or that a commercial airliner with a couple hundred passengers is out there hoping for one over the other…they’re hoping for neither.

The question isn’t answerable in its current state. You’d have to add more context. Every answer depends on adding other factors to the question that aren’t there originally (e.g. Altitude).

When I was trained For my VFR and instrument rating(in the real world), they would always command a dive over a stall. I’m sure it varies between aircraft, but the general rule is to put the craft into a dive unless your too low and it’s too late.

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Depends on your altitude. Although diving on expert could get you some violations

I would say, the short answer is: no.
Just keep her level, and you’re all good.

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