DITL: On the ramp in Miami

Hello everybody today I skipped school please don’t tell my teacher, but I had this once in a lifetime opportunity and I had to take it! American Airlines ground personal allowed me to be on the ramp and see the behind the scenes of what happens during turn arounds, really exciting! And next week is even better, it will be the start of my next trip which will be on ITA Airways Airbus A350 from here in Miami 🏝️😎 all the way to Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 along with @Udeme_Ekpo can’t hold my excitement but before we begin, keeping the “vivid warm” filter did win but the thing is I tried it on different shots and it didn’t look that good in my opinion so after playing around with the filters and coloring last night, I settled with the normal vivid filter with 50% contrast and -50% brightness and I think they turned out great but feel free to share your opinions below! But enough chit chat, LETS BEGIN!

Since only AA offered me this, I was limited to the north terminal or Concourse D but anyways here at gate D37 we have this Boeing 787-9 finishing up loading last minute bags and snacks for its cross country service to Los Angeles 🌴📸

Gotta love that Dreamliner wing flex! 💪 off she goes to LA! 🌴📸

At gate D2, I’m about to enter the small cramped cargo hold of this Boeing 737-800 to load some cargo before it heads off to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Now to the Airbuses, parked at gate D16 is this Airbus A321-200 still loading extra fuel for its flight up to Philly! 🇺🇸

At gate D9 I was tasked to fix a coffee machine in the front galley of this Boeing 737-800 scheduled to go to Sint Maarten 🇸🇽🏝️✈️ those lucky people!

D8 is holding a special departure this morning, American Airlines flight 919 is currently boarding for its flight down to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 and I just had to stop by, AA 919 is the morning service to CLO which competes with Spirit who offers flights to Cali from nearby Fort Lauderdale 🏝️🛥️ AA also has an afternoon-evening departure which competes with Avianca’s service from MIA but in my opinion, AA is better!

Off they go to the capital of Salsa! Wish I could go back luckily for me, I will be going back for the holidays when these flights to CLO are literally a party at FL350 can’t wait!

There weren’t any exciting plane around this time so I just went around helping out but didn’t bother taking snaps but 6 hours later! I came up to gate D23 to see this Boeing 777-200ER in the One World livery getting ready for its flight up to New York City 🗽🍎 flying domestically on these planes is a special treat!

D28 is holding perhaps my favorite plane in the entire AA fleet, the marvelous Boeing 777-300ER I’ve flown them 4 times and each time was a lovely experience! Anyways we’re loading some bags and the food for this overnight flight down to São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷 notice how it’s brighter? Yeah I use max brightness and contrast when it’s night time so you can still see!

It was getting late so it was time to go home but on my back to the parking garage, I constantly checked Live Flight and the 777-300ER bound for GRU was almost to Runway 8R so I rushed my way to the top floor to snag a shot of it taking off and I got it! Those GE90s are super loud I still heard them pretty loud from here and now you can see the brightness settings I mentioned before, normally you’d see nothing but complete darkness. But im glad you followed me on this unique experience on the ramp here at MIA, thank you American Airlines for this opportunity! And as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


I’m sure ur pretty excited for that Rome trip happening next week and I’m excited to come to Miami from STL to meet u and for us to fly to Rome on ITA airways


What day are you coming to Miami?


On Wednesday of next week

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Alright! ( characters )

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Amazing Flight!

Also I won’t tell your teacher. 😭


Thanks for both!