Disturbing Pics of the Abandoned Cyprus Airport: Almost 30 Years Later

In Cyprus, a former airport resides on the island. Nicosia International Airport was home to some of the most luxurious passengers and planes. Taking in celebrities and rich. However, all that went to waste when Turkey invaded the island. The fighting caused so much damage that the airport was abandoned to rot, with its last plane to land there still having never departed. These are the pictures:

The inside of the terminal.

The last aircraft to land there still remains there, rotting and damaged from the conflict there. Aircraft is a Hawker HS-121, Aircraft Registration is 5B-DAB (yeah I know memers), and the Airline is Trident Sun.

Some of the old ads still remain.

When the conflict broke out, many passengers fled here. The constant bombing practically destroyed the runway and then parts of the terminal itself.

The airport is now overrun by plants.

As you can see, these abandoned airports can tell stories, stories of war, abandonment, and rot. I know this is depressing, but it is a reminder that this can and will happen again.

Article and pictures courtesy of the Sun:

There is some history for the day.

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So sad… innocent people lost their lives and an airport that was once widely known is now abandoned. Maybe, in the future, when the world is at peace, Cyprus can see this airport rebuilt and have a better future.

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It looks almost like it could be a Call of Duty map. Its unfortunate that it was just left to rot though.


The airport was intensely bombed by Turkish forces in retaliation to a coup d’etat being enacted to free the island from Turkish rule.

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The reason why the airport is left in such situation is because the airport is located right inside the UN buffer zone…basically no man s land. It makes it extremely difficult to access

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Yeah, the Buffer Zone is like the DMZ of Korea but with no military allowed. Seeing as the UN strictly enforces it with their peacekeeping troops, it allows little to no one in. Therefore the airport cannot be accessed.

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Very sad to see and hear, thanks for sharing

That’s not plants… that’s barbed wire.

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I heard that there was another airplane similar to 5B-DAB that was also caught in the fighting. The registration of the second aircraft was 5B-DAE

Both airplanes were damaged beyond repair.

It’s kind of scary to see how both airplanes are still on the ground after landing over 40 years ago. They probably never left their gates up to this day!

RIP Nicosia International Airport (NIC/LCNC)

I mean plants have grown around the wire. I can see it is barbed wire.

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Just gonna move this plant out of the way…

Surprise, it’s actually barbed wire and your hand is bleeding now

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Lol. Must have been WW2 in a nutshell.

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