Distorted Full Throttle/Afterburner Sound

What’s up guys. So I was just playing around with the F-16 in solo and noticed I was hearing a heavily distorted sound when I pushed the throttle up to 100%. I only got this sound on the normal and tail views. Is this a widespread bug or do I just have it? I just started hearing it recently. I tested it with all fighters in the game and I got the same issue.


  • Restarted my device

  • Reinstalled IF

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 inch, IOS 12.3.1

Can you show us your replay so we can see what you’re talking about?

I’ve actually had issues with this on the wing view for the Caravan, not sure if it’s related, but I haven’t found a fix yet.

I have the replay downloaded but I can’t import it

You can share your replay with anyone via http://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/


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