Distinguish Between Which RADAR Facility is Covering a Field

Currently, when a Unicom field is covered by a RADAR facility but not tower and ground, it appears on the map with (APP) above it in green lettering. This is because it doesn’t distinguish between different types of RADAR facilities.

Now…the names of the facilities open are clear enough, but, um, doesn’t always help.

For example, when I open all four facilities at Orly (LFPO), the Departure frequency is actually De Gaulle Departure, and LFPG appears on the map with (App) above it, leading some to ignore the “departure” part of the name and presume that Approach for LFPG is open.

Now, despite the fact that clearly these airports are very near one another, the purpose of the Departure frequency being open at Orly is so that I can safely guide departures out of my airspace without any incursions or violations of separation minimums, not to vector pilots to an ILS intercept at De Gaulle (that would be De Gaulle Approach), but the map seems to override the naming convention.

My suggestion would be to have a hierarchy for what appears over a field covered only by RADAR.

  1. If Approach for that field is open, leave as is; even if Departure is also open. That will indicate that inbound planes should look for an Approach frequency.

  2. If Approach is not open at a field, but Departure is, change the map to read (DEP) rather than (APP). That would indicate to pilots relying on the map that there is no RADAR facility covering inbound vectors to that field.

I’m not sure how hard this would be, but a simple If, then statement or two should be able to take care of it (though I could be wrong).