Distant runways are “flickering”

As I approach an airport (IAP and smaller) I’ve noticed that runways in the distance to include cross runways seem to “flicker”, especially the runway border lines (on right & left sides). A good example where this can be experienced is being on final for 28R at SFO.

I do not have anti aliasing on (even with it on I sill notice the flickering). I am using IF on an iPhone 5S running the latest iOS (11.0.3).

Any help would be appreciated as this issue is not pleasant on the eyes. Thanks.

Having anti aliasing ON will not get rid of all the flickering unfortunately, but it does help.


Thanks. Hopefully this is a graphics bug that can be fixed.

This is a known bug from beta

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Copy that, thanks a lot.

I believe this has happened since the days of regions (We have progressed so far from those 3 weeks).

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