This may be a silly question so forgive my ignorance, but when I am looking at the ATC screen, what are the ranges of the blue airspace circles? Are they standardized with all the airports? 5/10/50 miles, 10/20/50, etc?

I am just curious to work on my spacing/timing.


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Perfect, thanks! That will help me gauge traffic when landing.

Chris, the blue symbols are not exact measurements but they do represent each airport’s airspace. Some are similar and others vary by a few miles. Anywhere from the 5 mile ring for tower airspace, getting bigger as you cover approach’s airspace.

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The blue circle is that airport’s active airspace. You get on-guards if you are in that area.

1 circles: Delta airport(EGLC). SFL-2600 above SFL(ASFL, that’s what I call it)
2 circles: Charlie airport(TNCM) Inner circle SFL-4200 ASFL(I think) and 2600-4200 ASFL for outer
3 circles: Bravo(KLAX) Inner circle from SFL all the way till 8100 feet above SFL. Middle circle 2600-8100 ASFL. Outer circle 4200-8100 ASFL


Ian, what’s the reason for having an inner, middle and outer circle? What meaning do the have?

@azeeuwnl I believe it’s a simplified version of this:


The top right of your map screen shows you the altitudes and XP for the rings.

In IF, In regards to LAX as @HV9690 has stated above, if you’re in the outer ring and under 4,200, you can fly a GA aircraft VFR for example without being under control from that tower, as you’re not in their airspace as per the diagram.


Nice diagram. Tks man!