Distance to waypoints are wrong

im currently trying to do an overnight flight from EIDW-KSJC, and im trying to set alts for vnav, justttt incase i oversleep. i wanna try decend around 120-140 nm out from KSJC, so i looked on the map, and im looking for a step decent, so i look at GASSI, and apparently im only 133nm out from that wpt? obviously this is wrong. please help! btw sadly i cant provide screenshots

You’re probably not, but it’s 133nm from the waypoint before that one to the one you’re referring to. If you get what i mean? :)


This is the distance from the previous waypoint to GASSI. In addition, I’d recommend not setting VNAV until you are at your device, as descending into traffic is a Level 2 violation in controlled airspace.

ok first, so what u mean is GASSI is 133nm from REO (waypoint before GASSI)? if so then how
do i find out how far out GASSI is from KSJC?

Basic math in that case :)

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ok i wont thanks for the tip, but id still like to try out vnav

ok, so what maths will i have to do? (sorry if im being pushy)

Addition. xxx nm + xxx nm etc :)

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@schyllberg I was going to use the Pythagorean Theorem. Guess I was wrong there😂


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