Distance to see airport names

I’m cant post this in features yet, but wouldnt it be nice to have an option to control the distance you see airport names pop up? As in, you can change the distance from 25nm to maybe 15 or 10. I like having the feature turned on, but sometimes the screen gets too cluttered.
Just thought this might be a nice idea

if you can control the distance

That would make the feature that we already have in game useless

Because it will not show right distances

You can post this feature request if you are TL2. You can then post it in #features.

To become TL2, you simply have to stay active on IFC.

I wish you a lot of luck!


It would, if u selected an option to see airports in a 15nm area, then you’d see all airports within 15nm

Displaying all airports in a 15 NM radius as you said in some locations can definitely overwhelm your device due to the sheer amount of airports Infinite Flight offers especially in some locations. This is why it’s rendered by zoom level to avoid over stressing your device and showing biggest to smallest airports I’m pretty sure.

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Ok, I have two things to say on this post:

  1. If you would like to make a feature request, you must be at least a TL2. To do this, I would advise to keep liking, posting and replying. It only took me about a month.

  1. I don’t see why this is needed as you can already turn on the ‘hide airport icon’ option, and you can also, if you would still like to see the distance to your destination/ nearest airport, use your flight information bar to show you the ‘Distance to Dest.’ and also ‘Nearest Airport’ This will then show you the distance to a given airport.
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If you would like, I can post it for you in features and give you credit, just tell me exactly what you would like me to post.

As I said, I don’t think it is a neccessity.

Yeah you can post it in features if you would like. I just think that it’s good to see what airports are around you, but in certain areas it’s too cluttered so it would be nice to see a smaller amount of airports within a smaller area

And, just to add, you can always check the map if you would like to see nearby airports without having the airport indicator message above the airport infligth.

Please note that there is in fact, a reason you cannot post in #features yet, and posting your suggestions in another category, is simply not the way to get around this requirement, which is in place for a reason. You’ll get there eventually, but until then, be patient!😁

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