Distance Measuring Equipment

What is DME

The DME, or Distance Measuring Equipment, is an instrument found most aircraft. It is used to track the distance an aircraft is from a specific transponder. Often times, it is placed at/near a runway as an alternative or assistant to ILS. Here’s what the DME looks like (on the ground):

Here’s what DME can look like in a cockpit:

But Why Tho?

Certain airports base their approaches on the DME alone. Think Innsbruck; the approach into position for the visual (West) is solely based on DME distances:

How would this be implemented?

Simple. VOR/DME are together, meaning where ever a VOR is, a DME is present at the same location. Therefore, this could be implemented as an option on the (dock thingy?) at the bottom of the screen. It would simply say “Dist From (VOR/DME name)”. To tune to the DME, you could tap on the VOR, and maybe there could be a “tune” option under the description.

You don’t need a poll.

On ILS and GPS approaches we already have DME- that thing that says ‘6.0NM’ in the centre. A general purpose DME would be of use for approaches, yes, but you certainly can substitute it using the FPL system and the distances there.


As I said, only works with ILS and GPS approaches.


Bumping this topic because this feature would make IF much more realistic. For example, it would allow you to fly approaches like this:

This approach requires you to fly an arc at 13.3 nm from the JNC VOR. Not possible without DME. It would also open the door to flying approaches like mentioned above. DME has so many uses, and IF is just missing out. Definitely voted! 👍🏻

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