Distance In Flight

Will in flight how do you get the exact distance between my aircraft and others in the pattern or flying close by?

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On the display name that is on top of the aircraft. It will show how many miles your near the other aircraft


You can see that by looking at their display name in flight. You will see how far away from you they are.

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If you look on their tag name there is a distance showed in NM (nautical miles)

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I see that when the aircraft is 10 miles or less. But not on all. Will keep discovering. Thanks

It should display aircraft <50nm

After my flight I will post a few pics. Plane is over 200NM away and says 0NM. Maybe I have a setting wrong.

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This represents how far that specific pilot is from their origin and destination.


This represents how many minutes ago they were last seen “active”.


This represents how far an aircraft is away from you.

Does that help clear your question up?

The first 2 yea, the third pic not sure where to find that?

It’s displayed above each plane

If you look above an aircraft that is close enough to you < 50nm, you’ll see a tag and it has information just as speed, altitude, distance (from you), and their callsign/display name.

Sorry for all the ?? Above the plan be Omni the map? Mine just has the height and the Call Sign. Can you circle on any of the pics I sent?

You won’t see it in the map view. You’ll have to be looking at the physical plane’s white box itself when it’s around you.

My 3rd image represents what you’re looking for. Please my post in response for where to find that information.

Had it to “Hide” in settings. All good now! Thank you for steering me in the right direction.

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If you use a live cockpit, then you can also use the “TCAS” feature on the navigation display to see the distance, as there are lines displayed in circles around your position, which show certain distances (at least on the Airbus).

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