Distance from other planes

When above 10000 how close can I get to a plane before it becomes red on the map? Also what does vref mean?

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I believe it 3nm and 1,000ft for vertical.

For VREF, I believe it is Landing Reference Speed/Threshold Crossing Speed. Not sure about that tho.


Thank you!

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Also what does IFR mean?

I’m still a little confused on that one

IFR - Instrument Flight Rules.

Only applies when you have a flight plan and mostly for commercial planes, sometimes GA.

99.9% of the time you are flying IFR.


Well, the FAA law is 8 to 11 NM, but I don’t know about IF

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Ok makes sense, thank you

Yeah, In IF there is no ‘law’


Vref Speed : Final Approach Speed

It is related to the aircraft’s gross weight and other factors like:
wind direction and speed
flap setting
Weather conditions

The final approach speed is based on the reference speed, Vref. and is calculated in the following way:

1.3 x stall speed with full landing flaps or with selected landing flaps.


Well you can have a flight plan and still be flying VFR as long as it’s for navigational reasons and not an official plan and as long as you are under 18,000 feet (Class Echo and Golf airspace). When I fly IRL I put a plan in the avionics, but I can’t fly IFR yet.

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Oh yea I forgot.

I did that back when I started If. A FPL but flying VFR

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