Distance from a VOR

How can i find my distance (in nm) from a VOR?

Are you referring to the A350 cockpit by any chance?

Not necessarily. Like if i’m flying the A320.

A VOR within your flight plan or just any VOR?

Any VOR. Doesn’t have to be in my FPL.

This might be helpful:

It doesn’t say how to find the distance of how far you are from a VOR.

For a selected VOR in the A350:

Where the lower two variants, GPS if it is in the FP and NAV# it it is set, where available in any aircrafts HUD

But if i’m not flying the A350, for example the A319.

If you’re tuned to the VOR, it’ll still display the bearing and distance in the HUD for all aircraft

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The navigation display settings chosen for the A320 family in IF didn‘t have the VOR values in it as far as I know.
You have to check the Map with waypoints list displayed or either the HUD view or the blended in HUD in any other view.

Sorry, correction. It is in the same place. Should have been seen straight away…

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