Distance Between Violations

I think the time between violations should be changed from 20 seconds to 60 seconds. I took off going from KEWR-EGLL and I was climbing and went to go get a drink and when i got back i had gotten 4 violations which put me down to grade 2 for 7 days. I shouldn’t be penalized 7 days to go get a drink that takes me a minute to do. If you have thoughts on this please comment.

I’ve had this happen to me before, and I think the best thing to do is just not leave your flight unattended until you won’t get any violations. You can put the speed on autopilot

In real life, pilots would still get in trouble if they got up to get a drink.

The bottom line is:

Don’t leave your flight unattended.


While I do agree overall with what you’re saying. In most cases, little difference will be made.

I think it should be left alone. Like others have said, never leave your phone during critical phases of flight. Alternatively, set your flight parameters before you take off, so that way you can avoid unnecessary violations. Autopilot works miracles. I had a 0.99 landings/violations ratio, but when I figured autopilot out, my ratio dropped all the way to a 0.26.

I have a 0.10 landing/violation ratio. I very rarely get violations that’s why this is annoying. I’m close to the top of pilots on this game i would say. I have some flaws but most of everything is perfect. I just had one problem that makes me not be able to get on the expert server for 7 days which is aggravating.

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I know this is irritating - but if at any point during climb or descent and you need something - take your device with you…so you can keep an eye on it…


Sorry to hear this, but unfortunately @Andrew_Coward I politely disagree.

The 20 seconds is great for people who troll. Gets them out of the way 3 times quicker than what you are suggesting.

When I’m being lazy, I will have the route fully set, and the altitude armed before departure. Soon as I’m at 200ft or so set it all off and set the speed to 240kts. It can then be left for as long as you want 🤷‍♂️

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