Dissatisfied with the developers

This is the time that I do not understand how it is possible that the cargo airlines DHL and UPS were removed from the 757 being an example of a very good job knowing that the US is used so much because I would think that they should take them into account

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The Devs worked incredibly hard on this update bring the new 757. It’s not possible to please everyone. The cargo variant could not be reworked at this time without compromising the process. This has been repeated many times by the staff.

I don’t think it’s fair to be dissatisfied with the developers. What does it say about the community that after an update comes out, so many messages, topics, and posts are made with negative comments targeting the developers?


As said many times…They will prioritize the aircraft at hand and implement the F model maybe as a separate plane.

If you would look back at the other things that have been made on this exact topic you would understand their reasoning and maybe instead of making a topic saying how upset you are with them you could actually relate as they have lives aswell and cant work 24/7.

Go back at these topics:

Other than that think before you post please.

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Take a look at this comment by Tyler, hope it answer you question!

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The staff and designers work hard and can not please ever one

just be grateful that you got this rework in the first place! You can always use the generic as a cargo plane, just take away the passengers!

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Its not always easy to please everyone , but in the end you have to be grateful for the update that came out.

Hello, Jhon!

Those liveries were removed because those were B757F liveries, or freighter liveries. This update contained only the B757-200, a passenger variant, so these were indeed removed. The Freighter is not currently planned, but we may see it one day. In order for this update to be shipped efficiently and before the end of the year, the freighter was compromised. Fear not, this doesn’t mean it’ll never make it’s way into the sim ;)

Here are some staff replies regarding the freighter. Hope this helps!


Well, as someone who pays the subscription, I have the right to ask for something and the truth is grateful mmmmm noooooo

You can vote for the F variant in #features. Saying you’re dissatisfied with the Devs is not asking, it’s insulting

Dude please relax

Hello! Very simple answer for this, and it’s that we have done a passenger only version of the B757. I’m not too sure people would enjoy flying in cargo pallets via UPS for their holidays 😉