Dissappointed with ATC service in FNF (Expert Server)

Now first of all i want to say that i absolutely hate complaining about stuff like this, but this time i had to post it. People always complain about the pilots but its not always them. So, its the FNF, i was flying from Stavanger to Oslo(ENGM), i start my descend, i see that there is no Approach frequency at ENGM and i continue inbound until i contact tower. Tower tells me to contact the approach frequency of another airport that is like 100 km south that i cant even contact because it was too far! I turn south, fly for about 10 mins until i can finally contact the other frequency. I wait another 2 mins until the controller responds and vectors me south-west of the airport. Then, I wait, i wait and i wait thinking that its busy its normal to wait for a while. Until i get way too far. I start to let the controller that im still here, waiting for my vectors. And what do i get? Frequency change approved, good day! I know it was the FNF, the airspace is very busy(even though it was nothing compared to what ive seen in some others), but can i at least expect to get vectored towards the airport next time? At least…

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I would contact the controller via PM, if you know who they were.