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Hello - not sure if there is a way for doing this or if this should be a feature request; but is it possible to hide the HUD and display only the map? It would be nice sometimes knowing where you are without having the clutter of the HUD covering the screen.

It would also be cool if, when you zoom into the map, it automatically follows your aircraft without having to manually scroll through the map to follow your plane.

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The third button down on the left follows your aircraft on the map :)

Yes, this should be in #features as it’s a request. You can have the screen filled with the map only. Just press on the world icon next to the headphone icon and select ‘MAP’ (on the lower left).

I am not seeing a feature request:

As stated, you can hide all HUD OR press the map button and view your flight that way.

If you press the compass looking button on the map it will center your plane as the map moves.

Hi Chris,

That’s the problem - you can either hide the HUD AND the MAP but you can’t have the MAP only; so I was just wondering if there’s some obscure way of achieving this or if indeed it is a feature request.

When there’s some nice scenery or for whatever other unique reason; it would be nice having the map in the corner of the screen without the HUD having to be enabled at the same time.

Thanks for the replies.

When you say map, are you referring to the mini-map?

This feature request has been out there a while if you would like to vote for it.

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