Display names only available for one player at a time

I mean 8/10 of the posts in the “Community Members Spotted in IF” are fakes. I sometimes see 3 DeerCrushers at an airport. I used the filter on LiveFlight and saw that there are 5 people flying around with the username “Swiss001” yesterday. Or some @PocketAviation fakers are out there. It’s not that important though. But it would be better for the “Community Members Spotted in IF” thread lol

Guys, seriously? Yes, i just flagged all of you. Your posts are ridiculous. Talk about bringing all the negativity you possibly can.


Callsigns should be flexible, but I agree with this for display names, if that’s what you mean.


I get hated (and) or criticised all day. It’s ok. It isn’t that important but something that really annoys me.


Maybe have it so you can’t chnage your display name after creating it?

Yeah that’s what I basically mean!


😱What??? Something has got to change. There can only be 1.

But in all seriousness, I think it would be a bit challenging as people would eventually get frustrated because they can’t choose a callsign of their choosing.


Yea… and this guy is a faker too!’ 👆👆👆


People should feel comfortable creating feature requests here at all times, unless it’s beyond dumb ofc like “Make 3D buildings now and free plz”.

Sure, this might seem a bit unimportant but that doesn’t mean people can behave however they like.


TBH, I actually like this idea. It would eliminate confusion on who is who when it comes to Mods/not mods.

@DeerCrusher actually voted lol


I think this one should be more aimed at Display Name in my opinion. Just eliminating those fake duplicates would solve a lot of this. I mean, callsigns change fairly often for many :)


Ok I agree with the display names!


This is a great idea!

So I changed it to Display Names!


I like this, but what if you have your Callsign that you always use, E.g. WOMBAT, but someone is using that as well. Would it let you into the game even tho its your Callsign?

I apologize for the way I acted before. I will state my opinion, in a calm, orderly fashion.

It’s a nice idea, but I think everyone should have the liberty to choose a callsign they like.

Okay idea but the problem is as soon as this is implemented there is a race to who gets the display name first. Callsigns possibly could be added, if you try to change the callsign to one already in flight then it should say that you can’t.

I think callsigns should be one only because VATSIM only allows whoever gets it the callsign first gets to keep it

As for display name… I mean you could treat them as your fans I guess. I think people can have the same names at times. I met a few Matthew Chan’s in my life so it isn’t special.

I’m kinda agree with this idea actually, to minimize the number of impersonators in Infinite Flight

(This is only for Display Name) However, sometimes some people have a similar name. Just say when I was using Singapore Airlines name as a display name, I saw someone using the same name too (@Kyle.Plane almost thought that it was me). That could be a problem for some people, but I think this is a good idea

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