Display name

So currently if I put Populeux Music or Populeux as my display name it says it’s a swear word. Even though it’s not, it’s a cool sounding word in French that means populous or popular.


Why do you need help? I’m utterly confused.

Oh wait I understand.

This should be in #support

Yeah cause I’m trying for IFATC and I would need to have my community name on the game

Changed! Thanks

No I just changed it

You can have a similar name, not the exact but something that’s recognisable.

It was not before @TRDubh. It was in #general before.

That’s against IF rules for the game

No it isn’t. If it’s allowed, it’s allowed.

You are allowed a similar callsign. As long as you are recognizable to some, you’ll be fine. And also now thanks to Chris_S’s website, it is much easier to find a controller by their callsign.

Sorry for the wait I was reading through a few IFATC recruiting topics and IFATC manual THE PUBLIC ONE to find the rules

Also I see you struggle, I just tried putting that as my display name and all I see is ‘invalid callsiign’ for any way I put it. 🤔 Hmmm.

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what? I’m confused, Public one? Flight plan conversion?

Ignore the blurred bit it’s a half joke from when I was IFATC… It was a ‘fun’ moment.

Ok lets not get ahead of ourselves and confuse with other stuff. Lets stick to the issue.

@Populeux_Music what exactly were you putting as a display name that it said no to.

Populeux & Populeux Music both didn’t work

Thanks, will check into it.

This is the error message I can’t use similar names

I want it to be my display name however. When I set it as display name it just says error. Setting it as a callsign shows why it’s a error

Please give us a chance to research.