Display Name Error

Hey all,

I have been having a problem with my display name because every time I’d try to change it, I’d get this message:


With the process of trial and error, I was able to deduce that the problem was because the letter arrangement in my name Nasser has ass in the middle of it. I felt that this takes from the experience of the game since it is unfair that many people can use their real names and others have to misspell their names on purpose so it can get through the filter. I think there should be a place where we can submit names that can be added as an exception, especially for names in which the letters are arranged in the middle of the name (as opposed to cockroach for example). We all want a clean and respectful environment within the community, but adding filters that remove the innocent names takes away from the experience and makes things unfair for some of us.


Yea this issue had come up a lot. I cant remeber or dont remember seeing a features request on it. The dev’s are aware of this and have said there going to look into fixing this. In the meantime you can always change your callsign to something else that is personal

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Well it’s relieving to know that they are aware of it. I thought it was just me.


Yea not just you. It has been like that for a little bit now. Probaly looking at how to over tide the system so that they dont have people using bad names.