Display name dash

Hi I see some people have a dash before their name. I’m just wondering on how you do that? I tried to put a sash before mine and it said invalid.

Are you referring to the callsign? Some people, myself included, will sometimes put “- Super” (or Heavy, which is an option in the callsign panel) just for fun and to mess with others.

No I’m not referring to the suffix or the callsign. I’m referring to the acronyms that people put behind their name separates by a dash. When I try to put the dash in the type box it said that the name is invalid.

Okay, so when I try and do it, it works fine… I put “IFATC IPP-Oskapew” in the display name box. I wonder why it isn’t working for you?

Oh wait no. I just put in a different name with the dash and it worked. It looks like someone else has my display name with the dash

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do you mean that underscore doesn’t work? (_)

No I mean dash like

Is that from liveflight? When a user is IFATC certified it detects that and puts it next to their name with a dash I believe.

No it’s in their display name I think. I got it from FPLtoIF.com they have an ATC directory there.

I mean you can probably put it in but the whole display name must not exceed the character limit.

I think the reason it is invalid is because you have too many characters in you name. IF has a limit. I experienced that before

The thing is I’m not putting IFATC before it I’m putting IFC. I’m gonna put IFATC when I manage to become one and ask a mod to rechange my name on the IFC.
Edit: Jesus autocorrect

What would be your username if you were to put it in IF? I’ll see if it is too many characters

ZinZowe, it has less then 10 characters.

today my callsign was -Super and it said “super”

IFC - ZinZowe? That worked for me in the app
Also did with IFATC

Wait you mean it read aloud super as a suffix or a normal callsign?

it only said the suffix

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The thing is I have to find someone to change my display name here on the community

I had the same issue. My last username was Lildrummerboy79 but that was way too long. DeerCrusher changed mine for me. If you PM a mod, they should be able to help you out with that. You only get one name change so choose wisely

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