Display Name Clarification


Edit 1: I meant to say display name. My callsign was not the issue.

I encountered an issue today. I had a callsign that read CoronaVirus. After contacting approach today they told me to change my callsign. I did not have an issue with this and I did.

Afterwards I switched over to my original callsign that reads “LGBT Pilot.” To my surprise, approach contacts me again and tells me to switch it, or else I would be ghosted. I have used this call sign for over the past 3-4 weeks with no issues.

I changed it because I did not want a violation, and because the controller had more power than I did.
Why would this controller do this? I refer to myself as LGBT Pilot and there is nothing wrong with that. Some clarification from the ATC controller would help, along with a mod on here.

ATC Controllers name: IPP BAVA TaipeiGuru

Hello there! Please contact @TaipeiGuru via Private Message (PM) to resolve this with him, thank you!


That’s definitely inappropriate given the current situation.

This though - I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with that.


I had a similar situation with @Tim_B and he said the reason that ATC rejects callsigns like this is because they take so long to pronounce audibly and that potentially has an impact on other people not being able to hear the commands they are receiving.


I made a mistake. My call sign was not the issue, my display name was.

That’s not the right attitude to have. Be polite and take a respectful approach. Speaking like that will only raise more issues.

He is most likely asleep as of now. Again, when he is available he will message you.



Those are really annoying.

Having ATC spell out ATC commands with LONG callsign in Phonetic Alphabet delays the relayed commands.

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It was the display name, not the callsign.

@Jose_Olivares You’ve stated that twice or more times, I didn’t count other than before two…

Patience is Key Young Padawan.
He’ll get to you eventually not everything comes at the snap of a finger. He’ll be on when he gets on.

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I’m not in a rush to get a response. Initially I was irritated because previous posts from before were not approved, I assumed that the same was going to happen this time around. I’m neither putting pressure on Taipei, but I can see how I sounded rather rude.

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Yes I see where your intent is not to be rude but by tagging TaipeiGuru telling him that you want answers in my eyes comes off as demanding. He’s been tagged already and has been told that he will contact you. But yeah Cheers

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What was your callsign apart from your display name?

Hi there @Jose_Olivares!

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. It does sound like a miscommunication might have occurred, so I’m hoping that you get that resolved as soon as possible. I do appreciate your patience and politeness.

However, I did not send any such commands during my session at OMAA. You stated that it was approach that told you to change your callsign. @naro was my approach controller at the time, so I kindly suggest sending him a PM to see what happened.

Again, my apologies for your experience. I sincerely hope that you and naro are able to smooth things over and that I see you again soon on the expert server. Happy flying!



Hey, I’ve sent you a PM.