Display lights for gauges

I have probably asked it B4 but if the aircraft you are using doesn’t appear live as far as the gauges are concerned let’s say A380-800series.How can I fix it on my Android phone, do all electronics serve a purpose or just for looks?

Hey mate,

If the instruments don’t appear live in the cockpit of your aircraft that is most likely because they aren’t. There are many aircraft that haven’t been reworked with live instruments yet and that includes the A380 as you mentioned above.

Some of the aircraft with reworked and live instruments include:

  • 777 Family

  • A350

  • Airbus A320 Family

  • A-10

  • Cessna 172

  • TBM-930

You can take a look at the #features category and vote for reworks including the A380 rework there.

Hope this helps you out mate and provides some clarity on the situation!


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