Display Burn-in Protection

Hello, after i now got an Display Burnin on my device from Infinite Flight. i had the idea why can’t they build in an burnin protection for the bottom bar ? thats not so hard i kwno its possible if they just let the buttons in the bar move in sircles that are so smal that the human eye can’t see it but its there in protocts the screen from burnin. i knwo the methon from my phones system navigation buttons they move like that so they won’t burnin and it works.

(My phone gladly still has warranty so it will be repaired free for me)

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no problem

yeah i already did

There is that, turn the brightness down and don’t let your device get hot:)

This is a device thing not a game thing

You can hide the bar at the bottom. Not really a need to have some sort of animation eating up more power on your device. On long hauls its best to set your device to a lower power mode, and even put it on the scenic camera. The scenic camera will rotate through various camera angles preventing any screen burning issues. On my the iPad that I’ve been using I’ve done many long hauls and have logged well over 1500hrs on IF with it. I haven’t had any screen burn issues.

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Display Burnin has nothing to do whit the Appliances heat. and i use my phone whit Auto brightness. the thing ist if there are objects on the same place for many hours and don’t move the burn in after time and then no matter how bright the display was.

yeah its a dive thing but Burnin can happen to mor devices than just mine and thats why there can be an protection to protect others from that issue

There’s also an option for those too:) I can show you via pm as this isn’t a chat room

its an so minimal animation its not eating up power of the device as you think. i have that in my own programmed app as well.

okay let’s show it me in dm

We already have features that can prevent this. See my reply. In your settings you can find “hide status bar” and other energy saving related features. Again, using a camera angle that rotates and is not static will prevent this. Just click through the settings and camera angles to figure out what works best for you and your situation. 🙂