Display bug - TBM - Samsung A5

Hi there,
Since the last update, I found a display problem in the left cockpit view (pics below). No big deal but a bit annoying.

Thanks in advance if this can be fixed some day!

All best!

Hmm it’s not a display bug but it’s a camera bug or maybe not a bag at all. I’ll have a check on my device

No it’s on everyones device
(Huawei honor play)

I’m guessing some sort of edit was done for the TBM and the camera accidentally moved

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Clearing scenery cache to fix a camera issue on an aircraft… I don’t think so.

@Tep_NEMO it seems a few people have been having issues with some of the camera angles, just hold on tight and hopefully it’ll be fixed in a hotfix soon!


Thanks!! No big deal… glad I am not alone there!

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I noticed this morning that it seems to be the case that the left pillar has changed, rather than the camera moved. See pic below, taken from right seat.

I’ll check my A5.


Yep. From what everyone else said, it’s the same on all devices. Maybe @schyllberg could help

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In my mind, i replied to this topic yesterday. Obviously my mind and reality didn’t think the same…

Anyway, we’re aware of this issue and it exists on the CRJ7, 9 & -1000 as well. But it’s less obvious as there’s no pillar just in front.

We’ll look into this and probably push a aircraft update remotely when we have it fixed :)


Thanks a lot to you and your mind! Great collective effort!

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