Displaced threshold warning

I was taking off from RWY 13 at SABE, and as I accelerated past 35 knots, I received the usual taxi overspeed warning while on the displaced threshold. What could be the problem?

Hi there! I cannot provide an explanation (I’ll leave that to people more versed in the subject of airport design), but I switched up the topic to support for ya. I believe it fits better in there. I hope you find a solution

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Hi there,

There are 2 types of thresholds in Infinite Flight that look the exact same. This is also the blast pad (the yellow arrowed areas)

The blast pad in Infinite Flight is not considered part of the runway, and isn’t displayed as part of the runway in the map, which is why it has a 35knts limit to it.

Hope this helps!


There aren’t the arrows on IF. However I’ve seen it from Google maps. Thanks.

Sorry I was a bit vague, I didn’t intend meaning that they are in IF, was just describing their actual appearance. Glad to hear I’ve helped solve your dilemma 👍

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