Displaced Threshold Marking

I always felt like the runway and taxi line texture update was incomplete as the displaced threshold markings are still missing. I often see pilots landing on this part of the runway although they’re not supposed to. I think this would be a helpful feature for the pilots.



I agree with you tho what runway are you taking about?

This is something the Airport Editing team has been told is off limits.

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By Philippe?

Yes @Carson

Interesting, know why?

Said its something they will add later on. Just like the jet bridges.

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So they are aware about it, that’s good :)

Wonder why? Would it be hard to implement? This would make IF even better

By “off limits”, @Kilt_McHaggis means that airport editors are not allowed to add these by manually drawing taxi lines on the runway.

This would be something Philippe would create, and it would work just like all the current standard markings on runways work. I bet this will happen soon(er or later), hopefully along with taxiway lights, 3D signs, buildings, etc… As a past airport editor I fully support this!


I really suggest the devs add this, tons of airports around the world have displaced thresholds and they are missing the markings, when I take off from a disp threshold I feel as something is missing, the arrows are missing!

We need this along with Blast Pad Chevrons