Displaced HUD after update on Samsung Galaxy S10

First of all thanks for the great new update and the addition of the xcub.
But since the update is released parts of the hud are shifted.
This is quite odd when you’re used to a nice and symmetric hud.
I’m not sure that this issue is only on the S10, but since i haven’t read anything about this so far i’m assuming it is, because before the update infinite flight wasn’t optimized for the S10’s screen.(things like the username on the top right corner are still partly cut off due to the s10’s curved edges)
This issue is not XCub exclusive, since i’ve checked multiple aircraft.

I’d love to see a hotfix for this because it is quite unfamiliar to fly with this hud.


Hey, thanks for noticing this issue. Indeed it is a new bug for android since we added notch support, I am looking at it right now and working on a fix.



thank you for the quick reply

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