Disorder of Free Flight Server

Hi, When I saw Twitter, a lot of my Japanese followers tweeted about disorders of Free Server.
So I tried to fly in Free Server, but I couldn’t fly in Free Server.

Please look at this picture.

Connection status remained “Connecting”.
and I couldn’t connect this server.
What brought this on?

Other Servers can be used. But only Free Server can’t be used.

Plz tell me the solution😭

Either try to restart your app or the server might be down.

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Now I tried it again. But I couldn’t it😱

Yep, server’s probably down

Oh…I know:)

so Why can they fly in that server?

What does this picture explain?

is this?

I know it is haha I mean what does the picture explain?

yeah. There are some people fly in FreeFlightServer. But I can’t fly there.😱
So why can they fly there?😨

It’s because of your connection.

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Thank you for asking that question about the server. This has been a problem I have been experiencing for the past 2 days as well. It is frustrating to see that others can still get on. During the time a server is down if you fly, when it comes back on line does it add the XP, landings, or time to our profile. Is it better to just go to solo mode to fly? What happens if during this time someone goes to the advanced server at this time, with no communication possible do the rules still apply? Other than noted above is there another way to inform everyone the system may be down?? Is there a way to send a broad message that all servers or the problem has been resolved?? Is this something that is an on going situation and if so what is the frequency of occurrence?? Just trying to get answers.

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