Disobedient Server Members


This guy kept on approach for 28R when I clearly ordered 28L.


If this was on TS1, unfortunately strict rules (e.g. Rules recently applied to exxpert) cannot be applied on that server.
To have a realistic experience being an ATC in IF with obedient pilots, if recommend you to join IFATC.


Yes, but rules are applied.


If it’s ts1. I’m sorry you had to go through this scary scenario. Btw this belongs to #live


This is a training server and it’s used for people to train… Maybe this person needs to learn their lefts and rights… 😹🐻😹


Captain, Im sorry but this cannot be solved :( … This is TS1. Unfortunately if you could, they would allow ghosting. Sorry man, thats the training server for ya. Some people just don’t care.


I said Cleared 28L almost 10 times.

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