Disneyland to Disneyworld! @KSNA - 092100ZMAR19

Hello and Welcome to the Disneyland Flyout!

Photo from Disneyland website

The Event

Hi everyone! This is my second event ever, after the very successful Hudson River challenge. This event, we will be flying from my home airport, KSNA, also the airport Disneyland uses for their travel, to Orlando Airport, the home of Disneyworld! The flight time will be about 4:30 hours. Hope to see you there!

The event information

Server: Expert

Airport: KSNA

Time: 2019-03-09T21:00:00Z2019-03-10T01:30:00Z


Gate 1a: @BadPlane (738 SW)
Gate 1b: @Mattheus (739 More To Love)
Gate 1c: @MNMarcus (752 Delta)
Gate 2:
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:
Gate 20:
Gate 21:
Gate 22a:
Gate 22b:
Gate 22c:

"Flight Plan

Flight Plan to be determined

Are you ready to have some fun!?

  • Yes
  • Heck Yes
  • I’m not gonna let you say no.

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I will have the flight plan by the end of the day!

I was at Disneyland only 2 weeks ago! L0l


You considering coming?

Seems quite fun but I suggest making the event in February since March seems quite long from now. You should also consider one livery!

March is better, since February can be a bit chaotic. Early March is a bit easier time. It’s only about a month and a half anyway!

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I think people will forget by then. Also February is a good time since most people will start renewing their subscriptions by the start of February.
Earlier dates might give the person attending if they are doing something that day too.

And I was at Disney World 3 weeks ago, really a coincidence with this event.


Do you want me to put you down on the list? If not, thats fine!

I think I can’t wake up at 5 AM, so I can’t attend the event.

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Can I have a gate for a 787-8 for Boeing

The largest aircraft the airport can host is a 757. Would you like a different aircraft?

Lol I’m not gonna join sorry
But I will do this flight right know lol

Hit me up with more to love! (737-900)

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sure, 737-800 For southwest

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I’ll take a Delta 757

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