Disney Rumored to be Starting Their Own Airline

From a report from Just Disney, the Walt Disney Company is rumored to be launching their own airline by 2021. The company from Burbank, California is said to be looking into purchasing small regional jets, possibly the CRJ family, to complete flights to and from Orlando. Again, these are just rumors, but it is a possibility. Would you fly on this airline if it was created?

My own photo, representing rumored destinations.




I think it would be very cool, I could see them making their planes family friendly and have a bunch of Disney characters on them, overall a cool idea


Imagine Donald Duck being the gate agent… 🤔


Maybe they should come to MHT to compete with Southwest if their fares are low enough.

Seems really neat.


Maybe, Imagine… the Captain will be in a Mickey Mouse suit and the flight attendants Daisy and Minnie Mouse😂


Ok, I say if you book a hotel for a week or over, this flight should be included, like Alegent


Even with the amount of money Disney has, I don’t think Disney knows the first thing about running an airline. And anyways there is no chance it has flights to anywhere close to where I live (montana).


Well, Disney also has their own Cruise Line, so I kind of know where they’re getting this idea from… 🤔


So highly unlikely it will happen that I would bet a huge amount of money against it happening in Vegas. While MCO is more than capable of hosting another airline but the market is cut throat thanks in large part to the heavy presence of the LCCs at MCO but also because of the heavy presence of the Legacy carriers as well. MCO is one of the most competitive airport markets out there in the US with 5 major US airline carrying over 10% of the total air traffic. Additionally, the rumored cities each have at least 4 airlines offering service already. The range of the prices are also huge from rock bottom with Frontier and Spirit, to premium with United and Delta. The business logic just isnt there to make such an endeavor profitable for Disney.


I don’t see a market they’re trying to fill. There are a ton of LCC’s/ULCC’s that fly to Orlando, and that basically own that market of cheap travel to MCO. Don’t see this happening.


Flight attendant: “Look at this plane. Isn’t it neat? Please place your small items under the seat.”

Bonus points if you know what Disney movie that song is from.


Honestly, it’s a smart move. They know millions of people flock to Orlando for Disney specifically, so why not join in on the action?


This won’t work. No way this is going to happen. Remember all the things that happened with eastern air and Disney? It just simply won’t attract people. Disney is not cut out for commercial aviation and should stick to movies and cruise lines. I really don’t want to see a Disney plane fly. I’m leaving America if it shows up at San Antonio I swear to god.

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A cruise line is way more simple then an airline though. It’s also completely different then running an airline.

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I imagine this would be part of a larger vacation booking service they would offer. You would buy a trip to Disney land from them, and it would include access to the park of course, a hotel (probably one of the ones on the park) and a flight down there. Since it would be on there aircraft at there park, with there hotel I’d imagine they could actually offer fairly competitive rates since a lot of the costs on the flight especially could be recouperated by sales in the park (food, souvenirs, etc.). They also certainly have the upfront capital to do it…


Different it is, simpler it certainly is not…


That’s interesting! If they do start their own airline, they need MCO and SNA to be hubs in order to connect people to Disneyland and Disney World! (hope they open SJC-SNA :D)
I could just imagine how their airplanes would look like


Exclusively CRJs? No thanks. “Sorry, sir, you’ll have to tag that box of tissues and leave it at the end of the jet bridge, we don’t have the overhead space for it.”


I’m no expert or cruise lines as I pledged myself I would never hop on one because of just how nasty they are. Literally if you go one your most likely getting sick. So I can’t say anything on cruise lines but it is safe to say that I think commercial aviation is a bit more complicated then cruise lines. But then again someone who’s into cruise lines can say otherwise with the exact sameness point I’m making.

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The only crj I’ve been on was american eagles and it was actually quite nice (we did sit in FC). But sadly the flight was canceled mid pushback so

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