Dislike button

actually, my real motive for wanting a dislike button is to be able to voice my disagreement without being rude or breaking rules. it is a polite way to voice disagreements and actually helps prevent rude replies and arguments

But, we don’t need this tbh. If you don’t like it, just move on or flag the comment

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Or politely send a PM

yeah we dont need it but adding it would make it better. There are things you may dislike that arent necessarily against the rules so why flag

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Because then it brings it to the mods and they would remove the comment you don’t like even if it’s rude to you or anyone. The flag is like the dislike button. But, no. I don’t think the dislike button would work because discourse made the flag feature

If you read Discourse Meta, which is all about Discourse itself, they clearly stated that they cannot add a dislike button. They do have a reactions button, but that could lead to more hate because people can use any emoji. It would be impossible to have a dislike button on discourse as said by the devs.


We aim for positivity instead of negativity. So this is not something we’ll add even if it’s were possible.