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I would like to suggest a dislike button for the forum, instead of just a like button. Having 2 buttons would allow a much more diverse range of reactions to be displayed instead of just one default “like” button. For example, this would be useful when there is something you disagree with but the response is under 10 characters or it says “body is unclear”. When this happens, it suggests you use the like button instead but if we had a dislike button, there would be a much greater range of reactions possible. That is why many social medias are expanding their like button to include dislikes and other reactions.


That is a issue with discourse itself. It’s not something IF can change


It’s a idea, but I not think the mods want a way for more negativity on the forums 🤔


Although this is a good idea. It seems like a thing that could maybe upset people.


The forum encourages civilised discussion. If you dislike something you’re encouraged to say why, and provide constructive feedback rather than hit a “dislike” and leave it there.

Dislike buttons aren’t very useful in fostering constructive criticism or feedback, mostly, and encourage negativity and trolling.

If something offends you, there’s always the flagging option.


It would also be more convenient and save time in just pressing dislike instead of having to write posts which may be negative. Instead of writing negative replies which may offend some people, a dislike button would be a much less rude way of voicing disagreement

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Although this is a good idea, it might hurt people’s feelings. Also people will not know what they did wrong. It’s better to just reply and point out the mistake so they don’t make it again.

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I’m not quite sure what the point would be, if you dislike something just keep scrolling. A random dislike is not constructive feedback


It’s the same with youtube, on a comment, it only displays the amount of likes, and not dislikes. This is probably to prevent negativity and hate, discourse is going at the same idea.
I would be fine with, or support this is we keep the amount of dislikes only available to the mods, but this is a Discourse issue, so we can’t do anything at the moment.


I think dislikes are kind of implied when people get ratioed

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no it shows dislikes too, did they update it recently?

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It does, but you cant see the amount. (For a comment, not a video.)

And if you think the post is in violation of forum rules there’s always a flag button. Take it easy people, it’s just words on the internet


step 3: open computer
step 4: write rude replies and insult people
just kidding


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A dislike shouldn’t act as a disagreement. How would you like it if you made a constructive post voicing your opinion on why the 737 is better than the A320 (theoretical), and then you open up the topic to see 50 dislikes. Instead, those who disliked the post can respond with their own opinions and their argument to support their cause.

Dislikes just add to the countless other ways to spew hate on this forum. The lack of substance that goes into the majority of posts on this site is already concerning, and this will just make it worse.

Your motives for wanting a dislike button are clear.


it is a joke

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Topic: Is about Dislike button

Me liking every post

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Proceeds to like post*

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The dislike button is negative thing. I think it would hurt others and let others feel unhappy or upset. So I don’t think it is a good idea to add-in IFC.

I don’t get this topic. Why would you make this topic when we don’t even need this tbh. If you dislike it, just move on