Disgraceful behavior on Expert Server

Hello community. It’s a shame I even have to post this but this is completely absurd. Today on expert server, this person landed ON THE TAXIWAY at MYNN and cut me off while I was taxiing. I ended my flight out of pure frustration. This is training server behavior! We seriously need regulations to keep these pilots out of expert server. Here are some pictures of the incident.

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Hey PM a mod with persons callsign and name and see if they can do anything


I believe you can Contact a mod because its not training or casual.

Hey @Jack,

Sorry you experienced this, unfortunately there are more and more cases of these type of situations happening more and more often.

Staff are able to handle the situation, so you can PM this To them and see what they can do.

See you around!

This is not even be training server behavior, its casual behavior.

I’d think you should PM a mod to let them know about this.


Contact a mod. No need to rage on here, this is going to happen, so calm down. I think it’s funny that you don’t know how to deal with the situation.

Understood. Sorry if my post sounded too aggressive as that wasn’t my intention. However this stuff shouldn’t happen on expert.

Not on expert. There are many rules in place to stop this. 35knts taxi, no taxi on grass, etc.


All good, happens to everyone.

He should be gettin a violation


To play devil’s advocate, there may be a chance the high winds resulted in a landing well right of the runway.

As someone else pointed out, he’ll be awarded violations. The enforcement works as intended to maintain the server standard. Thanks!