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Oh ok, thanks

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I agree with @Giacomo_Lawrance, and @Ninetales.

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You should “like” their post instead rather than saying “I agree.” :)

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@CptNathanHope yep.

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Yes there should be one real world one for each airline and thats it.

Yes one if enough. We run multiple bad ones if you can make one good one.

No if they want to make it they can still apply for staff.[quote=“IceBlue, post:1, topic:69968”]
Are people making Airline groups (Taking up 2+ airlines as their own as part of a group) fair?

No its not if they aren’t even going to spend a lot of time on it.

Just don’t like them

No the devs should spend more time on realistic features.

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  1. There could be as many VA’s as there are airlines. The only problem is the pilots available to fly in the Real World versus the pilots wanting to fly for a virtual airline in Infinite Flight. Again, in Infinite Flight, you could be a pilot for numerous amounts of different VA’s. There just isn’t a big demand for it, and there’s almost more VA’s than pilots willing to fly for them, making VA’s mark themselves successful with just about 5 pilots.

  2. I think it should be one per person as for founding. Assisting is something of a different realm.

  3. I don’t mind the VA’s that represent actual real life airlines for the sim. I have a slight problem with the difference of IFC VA’s and IFFG VA’s of the same airline, although I don’t see it as too big a problem, because of how apart the two groups currently are. For now, when talking of the terms of IFFG or IFC as a separate thing, there should only be one VA per airline. If one goes inactive for a certain amount of time, it is removed, and a new one can begin development.

  4. As I said above, you could only head/found one VA at a time, to donate to it your full devotion that you can. The lower the ranking, the more I understand it, all the way down to pilots, which could easily fly for 10 different VA’s, and log for whatever they feel like flying at that time. It would really depend on their purpose and how long they plan to remain there.

  5. I’m not a personal fan for Non-Real World VA’s, since at this point in time, they only fly generic liveries, and with so many of them, you could easily clock in with 10 different Non-RW VA’s with the same flight because you flew in “their livery.” With that, I’m not crazy about VA’s representing RW airlines, that use generic liveries to represent different aircraft other then the actual fleet, or aircraft that the actually airline does have, but IF Doesn’t have the livery on that aircraft. As for specifics, I think that for the case of Real World VA’s, they should stick with the real world fleet, but they can expand their routes to whatever they feel suit for the airline, and can add, remove, change, and customize those routes as they see fit.

  6. I would love to see some type of integration of VA’s, with little things like callsigns that are customizable, to a bit more well-regulated VA rules, to larger things like custom liveries.

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes, as long as they can handle it all.
  3. Yes, as long as there aren’t 2 active at a time.
  4. As long as they can handle it without sacrificing quality, I don’t see why not.
  5. Do they have a livery? If not, then why bother when you don’t have branding?
  6. For sure, if they can be moderated and regulated, I’m all for it.
  1. No, it helps with immersion
  2. No, same reason as above, plus many players put work into making VAs realistic.
  3. No, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
    4.Yes, happens in real life with groups like Skyteam.
  4. Yes, allow for hubs to be established, add the liveries to all planes flown by each airline, fictional airlines can create theirs and have it added to the game, gate ops and coordination, plenty more ideas where these came from.

Depends. I personally feel, yes.

Nope, quite ironically. You can’t really force people to follow under ideas they don’t fully support or like.

I assume you mean 2 of the same virtual airlines. In that case, no. Only when the first one “dies out”.

To an extent. Obviously you can’t own an entire alliance of airlines, but having a cluster of closely related airlines is fine by me. I’m not just saying this on the behalf of IFSIAVA, I’m saying this to everyone.

They’re creative and show that you need not follow routine all the time :D

Nah, I think its fine to be community based for now. People can argue about planes/liveries which don’t exist so I don’t see this as a very plausible idea.

All in all,
I don’t feel that the problem is with the quantity of VAs. I feel that it’s the quality of VAs that matter. We need a board to keep this quality in high standards, if not this might even threaten high quality VAs.

Funny, too many VA’s but you’re creating one yourself. This is some excellent problem solving right here.


Then why are you a pilot for Qantas Virtual?

You are in Eithad, Lufthansa, American and Alaska as real world VAs

I mean being a CEO, being a pilot for multiple is fine.


But I’m not sure how you would police that? One good decent VA is obviously going to be better than a few half-assed attempts.

Yes? No real opinion either way to be honest.

Possibly not. But they don’t ‘own’ these names so there’s really nothing stopping someone starting one of their own regardless. There’s probably a British Airways VA. There’s absolutely nothing stopping me from creating one with the same one if I wanted to.

I don’t. [quote=“IceBlue, post:1, topic:69968”]
Would you want VAs to have some form of integration into IF in the future? How would you like this to happen?

Nope, not really. I don’t particularly get the fuss about VAs and I’ve no intention of joining one. I do think the proliferation of them on the forum is slightly annoying but they don’t affect me hugely. If IF were to do an official one once Global came out and it had a link to the sim with achievements/goals to aim for then I’d possibly be interested.

For the most part there seems to be more than enough room on IF to accommodate them. There was a self-proclaimed VA auditor chap on here a few months ago, has he given up? He actually had the nub of a reasonably good idea but his manner was tad unfortunate and ended up rubbing a few people up the wrong way!

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Response: The State of Virtual Airlines

Please note that you’ll find some of my answers will also answer other questions too!

Yes, there are way too many which in my opinion (with 4 years of experience) are run by individuals with absolutely no clue on how to properly run and maintain a Virtual Airline.

Definitely! Let’s be honest, although the community of Infinite Flight is full of members we aren’t all interested in Virtual Airlines, what they all offer. As well as this we need to make sure that we don’t operate more than one airline or change to another - this is because it becomes very difficult for the founder / owner of the VAs and it is difficult to keep track of who has what! (especially seeing as there is no one leading the VAs). You’ll find half of my answer here for question 4…

I feel the only time we should ever have a duplicate is never. Unless the owner of the original VA has been offline for an extensive period of time (without notification) and it isn’t taken over by a co-owner (COO). Then another individual should have the right after notifying the owner or whom it may concern!

Recently Qantas Virtual went for a name change to Qantas Virtual Group. There are a very small amount of reasons (maybe even one) why people should be making groups or adding group to their name etc. Our reason was because of the subsidiaries Qantas has in the real world and therefore our name group is intended for all of the airlines in the group. But if people are merging to different Virtual Airlines, lets use Virgin Australia and Qantas for example, then no I don’t think that is appropriate as it has never happened and probably never will in the real world. If community members refer to group as oneworld or Star Alliance I am totally fine with that - assuming they invite the Virtual Airlines whom are with that alliance in real world.

Honestly I am completely against non real world VAs. Why? I feel as if it takes away the real world feel of a simulator, after all a simulator recreates the real world version of flight, bringing in non real world VAs just gets rid of that feel!

What the Virtual Airlines really need is a say in how things are done and a group of committed staff who are open to (appropriate) ideas and have prior experience. I would like something to show that there are Virtual Airlines that have been approved by Infinite Flight and possibly even some sort of advertising. As well as a regular checklist that all Virtual Airlines have to meet to remain approved by Infinite Flight, who knows we could even have a grading system!

Yes, but i have always wanted to make my own idea… And also, you probably don’t know what a joke is…

I know who will be starting the next VA!

I will say this, if these cockamamie ideals are set forth I’ll be the first to make the Soul Plane/NWA VA

I did like there post.

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