[Discussion] Removal of ALL Real World Virtual Airlines?

I believe we should remove all Real World Virtual Airlines!


  • People would make their own original airlines, instead of copying others!
  • They won’t be limited to how many routes they have!

No Polls Please!

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This is a stupid idea, virtual Airlines bring people together more on live.


I never said ALL airlines, just the real world airlines. Keep the original VAs!

Why did you make a poll, then remove it and write “no polls please”?

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Surly this takes away realism


Would ruin the world Cup ;)

Is anybody misinterpreting the title?

The point is, real world VA’s have been worked on to be realistic.

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How would it?

In my opinion, the whole point of a VA is to reflect a real world airline and its livery inside the sim. Don’t get me wrong, some fictional (not real world) VAs are not bad in any way, but I still prefer real world reflectors.


British airways will have over 20,000 pilots. Good Luck getting that many people to join your VA

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I understand what you guys are saying! But take this into perspective!

7/8 of the Real World Virtual Airlines are inactive, because really, you can’t do anything but fly around. Can’t change any of the routes, or it won’t be realistic.

Now, let’s look at TravelSky! They are adding more routes, and basically doing almost everything Real World Virtual Airlines don’t do!

First of all, 20,000 people don’t have Infinite Flight! What type of ridiculous exaggeration is that?

You can’t quite “remove” something unofficial.

More like a clean up, hence the reason this is a discussion!

It’s not http://www.pilotcareernews.com/british-airways-to-recruit-record-number-of-pilots-in-2016/

I said in INFINITE FLIGHT not real world!

Well I don’t know what are you trying to say, how the removal of RW airlines VAs will keep realism?


I was trying to say that your limit reasoning is not valid

Let me takeaway that.