Discussion on infinite flight updates in general

Hi, this is my first time commenting here after a while, i have something to address on the IF updates in general.
The recent E jet and a220 update is part of the reason for me to make this post and this isnt exactly a feedback, this is a discussion of my opinion, i do not have every single information about this whole company and i could have a chance of being wrong, i hope you can accept that.

So, for any of you that has played infinite flight mp before will know that the most common planes people fly are neither the E jets A220 or military jets, yet they still prioritize reworking on those jets, yes, they did have the most votes but why didn’t they prioritize on more commonly used jets, all this time they could have easily reworked the b737 and a320 series, although it didnt have more votes but if they did rework those planes it would make all our flight more enjoyable, remember what happened when they reworked the 777? everyone loved and enjoyed it, we loved it so much we even crashed the server, the 777 was one of the most commonly used plane, and reworking that once a jpeg plane have worked insanely well, nowadays with the a220 and ejets still no where to be seen don’t you think its a bit of a waste of time?
Well of course they probably wont listen to what i say and most likely are annoyed at me for making such rant and calling their hard work a waste of time, i just cant be silent, this simcade is slowly dying and they need to bring mind blowing updates to keep themselves alive, i personally think they should decide what plane to be reworked themselves, not the community, rework common planes! they have left the a380 there for years, literally one of the most anticipated planes to be reworked. i personally hope they would at least consider my idea of priorities, but its up to the team to decide and im here to express my feeling to this sim.

As i explained earlier, this is purely my opinion, i want to discuss this topic, i want everyone to know what i think about this sim, maybe most of you agree or disagree, that’s what Im trying to find out, please leave your opinion below and i shall read them through if i have any.

thank you for reading and have a good rest of your day


Am I smelling a riot? This democratic system is exactly why the Community has been happy with the process for a long time now.

And I should mention this pie chart analogy by @tunamkol.


There are other crafts besides the airline realm that still are heavily underrepresented. A flight sim should not be just airliners. There are those pilots in the community that seek to explore different kinds of flying. Having just airliners get all the attention in the world would probably make it boring for them.


They already did.

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look, i don’t know the stats but i believe majorities are flying commercials(because majorities of the planes are commercials as you explained) but it has been like that for years. i don’t mind having a democratic poles for new planes but there is still a bunch of people waiting for some aircraft to be reworked, but i think being too reliant to the community lacks leadership too, i will accept their method of working but somethings got to change

i dont really count that as a rework compared to 757 or ejets, need some modeling rework

I think we need to trust that the team at Infinite Flight does know the stats, certainly better than the average community member does. I doubt they’re using the stats to run their product into the ground intentionally. Let’s let things work out.


Hi Riskie,

I’ll add my two cents here. Personally, I think that Infinite Flight has found a good balance when it comes to choosing what aircraft they are releasing or reworking. We have community polls that give the community the possibility to actively decide what they would like to see in Infinite Flight. I believe that this is important and quite significant, given how much impact the community has in Infinite Flight. The simulator wouldn’t be the same without the community.

The community often has clear preferences though, so when you have a vote between a Cirrus rework and an A380 rework, it’s pretty clear which one would win. In my opinion, Infinite Flight has found a good balance with what they shared in today’s blog post: They will decide the aircraft category (e.g. GA plane, military plane, commercial airliner) and the community will pick the exact type. I believe that this is a great compromise to find that beautiful balance of airplane types. And what we’ve also seen today, with the Challenger announcement, is that Infinite Flight releases planes on their own after all. So it’s not just community decisions, it’s developer decisions as well, which are equally important.

In the end, and that’s my final thought, we also have to remember that Infinite Flight is a business. They have to make money to pay their bills, pay salaries and keep the simulator running. They have to make sure that what they’re releasing will actually pay off. If they’d only add GA planes, many users probably wouldn’t enjoy that. So once again, it’s all about finding that balance. And as mentioned before, I think Infinite Flight is doing a pretty good job there.


First of all, The B737 and A320 family arent a priority as they are high quality models and feature most but not all of the features of the HD Jets because they were one of the first to be made. Secondly, Yes the 777 was loved and enjoyed but its not like the E jets, A220, or F-18 were not loved, In-fact that increased the usage of those jets! I agree that reworking goes above adding new planes but then there goes the marketing part. As you mentioned that the game is dying, It would be even worse if it were only reworks compared to diversity because even with reworks people will end up getting tired of the planes.

I would love to hear what you think of my reply!


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Hey :) I do not know when you’ve started IF or joined the community but you know, this current system is already a big difference comparing to how things worked several years ago. Both-sided communications and feedback acceptances are getting more and more efficient every single update, poles and votes for aircraft developments are really appearing a lot comparing to the old days. Just wanted to let you know if you weren’t aware of that. Plus, we all know this system isn’t remaining here. As time passes more aircrafts will be reworked / developed, which means community members will eventually all get what they want. I get that you feel frustration since you think aircrafts with high demands aren’t getting enough spotlight, but keep in mind that staff members will internally consider all the circumstances before they make decisions (this includes the demands and the poll results). Maybe something will happen someday🤷

I like the balance there is. Not every aicraft is as popular as the 777, and I like it when the fleet is diversified.

yes variety is important but updating popular aircraft that allows lot of routes to open also brings variety to the game, before the 757 was updated, no one flies it, everyone was hooked to a350 or 777 etc, and going to f18, i personally think the f22 should have got it, but it is what the community voted and fair enough

As i said above, Reworking those aircraft that no one flies added alot more users that will fly it!

Not to be offensive but that is your opinion and not 500+ other user’s opinion so that is not a valid point in this argument, If you wanted you could’ve voted for the f22.

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this is where the scenery/ graphics update comes in, at this pace, its most likely that they’ll be able to finish updating all the planes and start focusing on the graphics, as its currently behind their competitors, graphics update are game changing both hypothetically and literally, but we are still long way off and we’ll see how this game copes within few years

and this post is where i find out how many will agree

The reality is that not everybody can be pleased at once, people have their preferences. And like previously mentioned by others, most of IF’s playerbase fly airliners because they are more drawn towards them rather than GA aircraft or military aircraft. And you have to consider that planes like the 747 or A380 are enormous, you need to spend a lot of extra time and money on them which means other features will have a slower development. Infnite Flight’s goal is to be a mobile flight simulator that attracts all sorts of people: the hardcore airliner pilots, the military enthusiasts, the avid GA flyers, the casuals that just want to have some fun and many, many more. They are trying to achieve that goal by making the fleet as diverse as possible like others mentioned before.

The airliner fleet seems to be in a good position at the moment, a good chunk of them are up to date. But, there’s only one private jet in IF, the Citation X, which is extremely outdated. In my humble opinion, the challenger 350 was the correct move, we have recently gotten a F18 rework which pleased the military enthusiasts, and the general aviation fleet seems to be good for a little while.

An A380, 747 and more rework will come eventually, just be patient, that’s all there is to say.


It’s not mistake that Infinite Flight has come a long way, it’s incredible how much has changed in the last 5 years alone. Now as a happy paying customer, I’ll say this. I do feel like there is a slight consistency issue with updates, even before the Ukraine crisis. My best example is the 777 update vs the A330-300 update. The 777-200ER offers all three engine variants while the A330 only offers two…excluding the PW4000 series. I know the PW doesn’t have a lot of airlines but I feel it would’ve balanced the livery’s a little. With that being said I want to be clear that I’m not complaining or pointing the finger at anyone. But the great thing is that this community and management team with Infinite Flight is incredible and will only improve. The cooler thing is we can grow together as a community. The E175 was a homerun, the E190 will be the same. With the Challenger 350 coming it’ll be even more diverse. Good things are on the horizon.

I see EJets extremely often, and A223s still pretty often


I do remember though when the 777s were used so much they caused some hiccups on the server side though (I’m also pretty sure the beta was being used to also try to see how well the servers could handle the new 777s)


The community does vote for common planes, most notably in recent times was there a vote which lead to A330 vs A220 which then (in that order) were they added/reworked. The F/A-18 occurred and EJets then happened, and had a significant backing in the community

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There’s a slight difference there. We’re talking about 3 models we already had since before, 3 models that didn’t differentiate that much from each other either (fuselage lengths and some minor wing details). The “old” A330-300 only came with one engine type if I remember correctly.

And it’s also a matter of learning what’s worth spending time & resources on. Is it worth putting time on something that will barely be used, when there’s already much of the same in the “same category” (commercial airliners)?

I know. You could flip that argument towards GA/Military/Biz etc being barely used. However, it’s a very small percentage of our current fleet and one that can reach new users with a specific interest for those models. Call it business strategy or whatever :)


“Not the community” would be disregarding, and one might argue disrespecting community preferences. “They should decide” is what they do. Treating the community as a valued partner, but then acting with leadership based on the best perceived balance of factors.

How can such a hybrid approach not be most rational and fair?