Discussion of more tutorials

Continuing the discussion from Updated Tutorials:

A topic for discussing ideas for more tutorials…

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First two new modes in which you can do the tutorial with jets or props and with or without ATC


Doing a pattern

Jet mode(unlocks jet mode)

Departing(ends after you go out of the map)

Arriving(will be spawned at the edge of the map)

ATC from pilot’s perspective(unlocks ATC mode)

Being a tower and ground ATC(Modes are as follows:0% Airport,50% Airport,Bravo Airport(85%),Busy Bravo, and really Busy Bravo)

Being approach, departure, and centre ATC(Modes are busy and really busy)


Maybe they could add these one by one…

Tyler is making a lot of ATC tutorials, so maybe they could include these in-app.