Discussion: Most scenic airports

Hey everyone,

Just wondering what you think is the most scenic airport/aerodrome on IF global?

Here are some of my favorite:

1. Honolulu Hawaii, USA

2. Gibraltar, Gibraltar


3. Vancouver, Canada


4. Innsbruck, Austria

**5. Donegal, Ireland **

These are just my favourites, I’d like to hear yours

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I suggest changing the category to live and changing the pictures so they are from IF. @Canadianflyer

Juneau International is the best for scenery. Both IF and RWA


Yea that’s a really cool approach too with the mountains on both sides. I will try that in IF

To address your question, [quote=“theelevatorkey, post:2, topic:373602, full:true”]
Is this for IF or Real World Aviation?

Juneau International is the best for scenery. Both IF and RWA

I am talking about IF global scenery,

… most scenic airport/aerodrome on IF global?

which is based on RW scenery. I included pictures of the real scenery because it’s easier to see how amazing these airports are. Happy flying!

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Alright, just wanted to check. Happy flying to you too!

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LaGuardia Airport is the most scenic airport

100% bias



Beautiful L.F. Wade Approach


(PAJN) Juneau, Alaska and (TJSJ) San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Great to see you getting on with the community! Bring more of this, but check for topics first so it’s not a duplicate!

I do have to admit though, Vancouver and Gibraltar has a stunning approach.

Hmmm. Maybe Almaty in Kazakhstan. Those are some wonderful mountains.

Corfu LGKR

Tivat LYTV

TBH any airport with a mountain nearby or a water surrounded airport like Honk Kong for example or NTAA

Lol yeah, or skylines… (Like New York)

That’s true but not until 3D buildings which will be in like 2025-2030 imo

Yeah, I like to go to tropical destinations then :)
(Like my previous home airport)

That’s also true the tropics are just beautiful in Infinite Flight and Hawaii

Yes, you can see all those beaches and coast lines😍
(If you can guess what place this is you get a cookie)

i know this isn’t IF but it has nice scenery

don’t ask why but I always seem to imagine a great city near Bermuda in cities:skylines…

Oh sorry I forgot. infinite flight not city skylines 😴
most scenic airport
yes somewhere in India cuz it so nice
or Nepal
nah kathmandu

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Yeah this is the IF scenery (but I’m happy because it used to be worse)

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