Discussion among prices of the planes.

So, I have only spent 15 dollars in IF, this for London, 777-200ER, and the ERJ190. I must say, while I enjoy the quality of the planes, I’d say it was more regrettable for the price. I honestly suggest lowering the prices. If by doing that, it is not profitable, I want to see what numbers we are talking here. Don’t take this as a hostile standpoint, I’m just suggesting, and personally, I find the aircraft and locations overpriced. And, there isn’t much to say about the profitability either, considering, if the price goes down, demand goes up, therefore sustaining a payout similar to what was costed before. If I were suggest anything to change, I would make planes or such locations of at least low interest, maybe just standard around $2.50. That would be a sustainable price, and if you project that this is not a profitable cost, I would like to know what you need to sustain money with. After all, the game in itself costs money, as well as Live, which I don’t even have due to its high price. I understand you have data and employees to pay for, and all I ask is to lower prices so you can reach a wider range of customers, who may not have access to the money used to pay for these bonuses within the game. Thank you.


There are only 3 developers, and they need to make money somehow, but I understand your thoughts

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I can see that there are only 3 developers who need to make a living but I can also see that the prices can appear as expensive at first. I’ve accepted the prices and pay for Live+ after understanding the effort gone in by the devs and getting to used to the sim over time and the effort gone into it, but at first I believed it was expensive too, and many of the Facebook commenters are probably unaware of the reasons to.

To me it has to be expensive, because I don’t even legitimately make money for that matter. I do question where the math comes in to this, but how I see it, the lower the cost, the higher demand, so you would only be making the same money. And I totally agree with supporting the Devs, but I would only like doing it when I can actually agree with what I’m paying for.

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Some people make money selling $80 flight sim add ons. The market is definitely there, but you’re not part of it. $4.99 is relatively well priced in the world of flight sim.


But, when they update the plane, it will definitely be worth it.

For live, I think the cost is just right. High enough to keep a bunch of kids off the server, but affordable enough for anyone with some income to pay.

Live+ is only $50/yr. That includes access to live, all regions and all planes. Along with giving the developers incentive to keep improving!


Even though I reckon that in-app purchases might seem costly at first, I see each purchase as an investment on such a superior piece of software. In addition to that, developers are constantly listening to users’ feedback which in my opinion, it’s a huge a plus rarely seen in other apps.