Discussion about the new LGBTQ livery


Closing this topic would make zero sense, there is no intention for any arguments or anything to that direction. I only want to speak about the addition of the new livery in an argumentative way as I‘d like to express my opinion on it, even though noone asked for it.

Personally, I do not care about the new addition of the livery, as I have nothing to do with the LGBTQ community. I know, that LGBTQ is a thing in the Infinite Flight Community, although if we start making liveries for such, we should also pay attention to other things.

We are a worldwide community, which means, we should pay attention worldwide.
Racism, Black lives matter. I think we should be fair and pay attention to that when adding an LGBTQ livery no matter if a staff member is black or not.

Furthermore I do know there are many minorities, although paying attention to only one during it‘s month is fine, but why not for others in their respective months.

Muslims didn‘t even get a Eid Mubarak post or anything, but a Happy Christmas holidays post is there


If IF added a pride livery with their slogan on the A320, does that mean a regular IF A320 livery is confirmed?

Since when was there an lgbtq livery?

Sike. Its not closed. But this one is. 🙃