Discussion about: Mark Denton A350 Comments

After reviewing the Podcast from FlightCast I realised that @Mark_Denton made some comments about the A350 and reasons why it should not be added to the game.


Whether you are a Boeing fanatic or an Airbus fanatic you should still recognize that this position is unacceptable. The A350 and B787 are two, for the most part uniquely different aircraft (engineering wise). This also ignores that some airlines operate the A350 and not the B787 and vice versa.

THIS IS NOT A HATER POST: The reason for drawing attention to this is in the interests of the wider community. If people in the dev team think that the A350 and the B787 are the same… we should start to worry xD


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Plenty of duplicates about this.

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There are many many many many many topics on this already and nothing new can be said that hasn’t been said before. All we can do is wait and see.

The real issue here that we have discussed in the past is due to lack of data - the A350 is still a relatively-new aircraft, and we need access to solid data in order to ensure the 3D model and flight characteristics are as accurate as they can be.

We were able to have 787 pilots provide input on the flight model of the 787 in Infinite Flight which helped us achieve a largely-realistic simulation. Whilst they share similar characteristics, they are largely different aircraft. We want to do the same with the A350, which is why we are taking time to ensure we get it right :)