Discussing the meta of the forum in public

The forum is a place to go and have discussions about topics we’re interested in relating to Infinite Flight.

A lot of the replies on topics have been more geared towards the meta of the forum of “where does the topic need to be”, “what category it’s in”, “why does it exist at all”, “this topic should be closed”, ect. These types of conversations don’t add anything to the discourse, they don’t need to be discussed publicly. It makes the discussion hard to read.

No one really cares about the meta of the forum. They just want to have fun and have productive interesting, thought provoking conversations about the great sim we all use. The people reading don’t care what category it’s in. I simply just PM the person if it’s something meta related because it’s a very boring subject to talk about.

Instead of turning the forum into a large meta back and forth, add some interesting substance and commentary about the subject they are wanting to discuss, rather then discussing the location the user decided to put their content because no one cares. If you have nothing of significance to add, just read and learn something new. People will start to respect your opinion more if you are consistently amazing with your replies.

The main point is try to be informative, interesting, a little more laid back and add to the discussion.


Great post for new peeps! :)

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I will always support posts like this encouraging people to chill out and quit acting like mini-mods. The problem is as much as people have said “Great post” and “Truer words have never been said” or “I’ll keep this in mind”, nothing has changed. I venture to predict some of the same people who comment on this post are the ones who participate in piling onto someone in the comments with the useless “please move this topic” and other alike comments. Part of why this happens has to do with the culture of the TL system (And how everyone is trying to be a “tryhard” so they can be TL3) and how instead of interpreting actual discussion, it will assume people who say things like “this needs to be moved” is in some way remotely productive. You aren’t getting any respect from the mods much less the rest of the community for going around only saying “please move this” or “I don’t see the need for this topic”, in fact, I could name a few individuals who are looked down upon in 3rd party channels for acting like this. Its a shame instead of discussing the actual topic or question the person asked, it resorts to 3 people going “This is the wrong category, you are not TL3”. A PM I got once perfectly embodies how new users feel when they are overloaded by people like this, and I think I will leave it at this.

“Thank you so much, there are so many rules here. I am struggling. Their are so many who are quick to point out errors and few like yourself you want to be helpful. I am really thankful for it. Tbh I was about to abandon IFC due to the rudeness from other members.”


Very true, thanks for taking time to post this!

I agree, but if you’re posting a reply that is relevant and helping the conversation then I think it’s fine to just add"this belongs in the X category" along with your reply

If you think that you disagree, but I respect your opinion and disagree.

No I don’t think think that you should have a reply just saying “this is the wrong category” but it’s ok to just add it on to your reply alongside with what you were going to say

@Maxmustang is perfect good example of this. informative, interesting and laid back

sorry for tag hey ho


I can admit i used to be like this until I saw one of Tim_B’s topics. I can guarantee most people do this because they interpret being active like that

in reality being active just means constantly being on the community and having a discussion about something


I completely agree with you here, @Trio. If you see someone is a basic for example, you can assume they probably don’t know all the main rules of the forum (not trying to stereotype basic users 🙇‍♂️). Then you have a member/regular go and somewhat embarrass the basic user, by telling them what they did wrong, but then they give absolutely no context on what they did wrong besides a thread link. Instead, don’t embarrass the user, and just PM them on the issue.

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So annoying. Crazy part is, one of the worst offenders was quick to comment on this post.


This has always been an issue here. TL culture and ambition theory have always permeated through the text of users trying to get a leg up. I agree all meta issues should be addressed privately whether that be by flagging or private message. This culture is something I tried to address years ago but sadly didn’t take hold.


I’ve written a comprehensive post on what it means to be here to build the forum. I am a strong believer that one should join the forum because they want to discuss Infinite Flight and topics that surround it, rather than joining to score brownie points or game the system for a badge that gives you access to the “virtual lounge” (big deal).

Meta issues should most definitely be discussed in private and if it really becomes a problem, leave it to the moderators to let them know that their posts are not up to meta standards rather than those who may not be qualified to do so. Just because you aren’t a regular does not mean that you are somehow deficient in the community, however those who try to be most likely are.


MaxSez: The answer to the riddle is staring you in the face. Just note that only the professional few are responding here with cogent well founded, observations, opinions and recommendations to improve this now self serving selfy “Blog”. Where are the regular bloviators with there one line responses, inane commentary and criticisms. The Forum is losing its IF/Aviation Enthusiast luster exponentially because of “Them”! Like the “Lounge” what you see here is what you got, just another social form of “me to/first” for the most part. It’s obvious “They” like it this way”!


That made me laugh.

Everybody is guilty of of this.

I think it’s fine to inform users where the post goes or if it is a duplicate or not, but for example, if it is say, a Concorde Feature Request.

Instead of, “The developers closed the last Concorde request because it was too advanced”

We could say something like that, but add your opinions on the topic, ect…

Then why not PM them instead of enabling 4 or more other users that say the same thing in the comments section? Its pretty obvious people do it to be like “Oh hey mods look at me I’m such a good user, can I please have TL10000 now”. A PM is a much more appropriate method to inform a user, sparring them the embarrassment and spam on their thread, along with being able to help with other questions they have. That’s pretty much the entire point of this thread. If you PM someone, its a much better alternative.


I am blind

Everyone, including regulars is guilty of doing this at one point or another. This is a great post @Trio. The world of Infinite Flight is much more than announcing “WrOnG CaTEgoRy” or something. But the fact is. We as a community, no matter how many topics we make, will never be perfect, but we can continue to strive to make it better, one topic at a time.

Great topic, well done.

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I 100% agree with you. I was just in contact with someone in PM about how to remove the HUD, and also told him his photo was great. He said about the “Tryhards” is it that bad? I told him it’s a rule in that category but it’s not that bad and people should be more nice about it. It’s so much better to handle it in PM than embarrassing the person in any situation.

Yesss I don’t like it when people comment “should be in #blahblah” instead of actually responding to the topic