in this post, “Service ceiling for all aircraft in Infinite Flight 2”, it is said that the cruising speed of the TBM is 252 kts, but in a seperate thread linked in that thread it says it is 200 or M .53 (above FL280). to be fair, the second figure is regarding the most efficient speed for fuel consumption, but listed next to it, it says the max cruising speed is 201 kts. Obviously one of these is incorrect, which one is it?

And a question I have just in general, can a planes most efficient cruising speed and Max cruising speeds be so far apart?


I think this is the result of using knots for speed above FL280, and can be disregarded. The max cruise IAS in knots could be 201 at a certain altitude, but above FL280 Mach is used as ist the better measure, so I would stick to the Mach speed.

They can be far apart, yes, but not in the way you wrote it in the post as far as I am aware.

Example: It’s M0.85 as optimal cruising speed and M0.89 as max cruising speed for the A350.

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Yes, definitely. I can’t think of any examples but they very well could be very far apart.


I’m confused by the wording, so you’re saying 252 is correct? My problem is I don’t really understand the difference between IAS and airspeed

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No, sorry for my wording! What I am saying is that the Mach speed might be the correct one and not the speed in knots, which wouldn’t be a correct measure above FL280.

For more information on the different kinds of speeds see the post below:

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Deeply appreciated man, thank you

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No problem at all, glad I could help!

MaxSez: TBM -900 Manufacturers performance as advertised.


  • Maximum cruise speed at long-range settings

252 KTAS

467 km/h

  • Maximum cruise speed at 28,000 ft.

330 KTAS

611 km/h

  • Time-to climb to 31,000 ft

18 min. 45 sec

  • Certified ceiling

31,000 ft.

9,449 m.

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