Discovery of one of the highest airports

I wanted to discover Bolivia and to its 3rd highest airport at 13,323 Ft which counts so Groundspeed may be fast and high mountains


Airbus A320-211 (Avianca)

Our morning take off out of bogota

Climbing into FL380 as we see High mountains in Colombia

Relaxing above as food and drinks is served which I accidentally Choked on

Yea Most of South America is kinda not really interesting :/

Coming into Bolivia

Descending passing by lakes and hills

On Final Still pretty fast then slowing down to land

An Average smooth landing at 170kts and slowing down quickly to finish our journey

What’s you thoughts on South America / Or Have been in Highest airports ?


The pictures look amazing, good job!

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Anyway if your actually looking for a high airport it’s actually Qamdo Banda Around or ZUDC so I suggest you use air China or China southern

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very sharp image. very nice


yea Love the mountain distance

Nice picture of Bolivia!! 🇧🇴

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I’ve flown to El Alto (which literally means “the high” in English) as well. That last picture is gorgeous.

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Well Done! Only thing missing is ICAO for Bogota and any other field Flow to include thr “3” highest?


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This gets me thinking…
Could anybody tell me how extreme airport altitudes in Infinite Flight affect our take-off/ landing speed or other special parameters, or all are pretty much just the same regardless?

To the OP, thanks for a cool post!

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It may slow down the takeoff and makes groundspeed landings faster

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@ShaneAviation Thanks!
@Ryan_Gibb Love that country
@A_Plane_Guy cool to know
@Maxmustang Thanks! Might check on that


On first glance I thought that this:

was one photo, and I was gonna say, pretty good acrobatics 😂 . Man I’m tired…


I pretty much know it’s close together so it looks like it’s going acrobatics

Nice shots! And yeah, some parts have Mountains but other than that it’s really pretty boring in South America

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No hate, Nice pics but personally I never flew in south America and never plan too, I just dislike the region, again no jate

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@NoahM I personally know only Chile and north of South America is only the good parts while others is just green and same thing
@DanyyRude I first I thought this region is good but then I began to agree South America is kinda bland


Yep, It mostly has like 10ish International big airports then it’s not really that nice, But you know

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ok (10 character)

Are you guys serious? South America is probably the 2nd best continent in the world in terms of scenery and you say it’s boring?

@DanyyRude Why don’t you plan to fly in South America at all when we have global? It’s here for all of us to discover the whole planet Earth, not to just stick to one continent

Personally South America is my favourite place in fly in along with Africa and Asia and it’s way more interesting than doing generic USA flights 🤮

Idk that just really really baffles me…


I didn’t say I don’t like it, the West Coast with the Andes, and North around Bogota is really interesting, so is Eastern Brazil with São Paulo and Rio, but other than that it’s pretty flat and boring in the center of the continent. Just like the US, the Rockies and West are cool, and flying around Hawaii is always fun. But there’s nothing over Missouri, Kansas, etc…

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